I am Nnenna and I am Edmonton Green

Nnenna Cleopatra Amazu describes herself as a female with many grey hairs, a university honours graduate who has struggled with Autism her entire life but who has finally started accepting herself for who she is. Despite Nnenna’s high IQ she has unfortunately experienced making some consequential mistakes, partly due to her Autism. Some of which, resulted in her losing a lot and suffered the experience of severe injustice at the hands of many. Thankfully, Nnenna realised her mistakes and with the help of 5E is starting a fresh on a path of which she has been obsessing about for many years, which is learning about computers and building them according to certain specifics.

“I am a Nigerian from the Igbo tribe. My parents naturalised in the UK where they, met and married here. One interesting fact is that my great-great grandfather assisted the British Missionaries when they first came to Nigeria to spread Catholicism in our area. Although I’m baptised Catholic, I have found myself to be more spiritual than for it to have an impact on me direct.”
“I didn’t have the most enjoyable experience at school, for me it was quite traumatic. I was bullied excessively throughout my school years due to my learning disability. I think kids found me very dopey and not eloquent enough. I ensured that this did not impact my education to which I received high grades in both exams and tests but that as well lead to more bullying. It is safe to say that I was more than happy to finally turn the page on that time in my life.”

“It’s strange, when I was younger I never thought about which profession I wanted to go into, but what I did know was that I wanted to help people, that was what was important to me. Although my mother was a nurse, I was not sure about working in the health profession, mostly due to my fear of needles. I ended up going into Social Work, but after working within that field for a number of years, I realised that it was not as caring a profession that I had originally envisioned. So instead, I am now going in to a field where my mind and hand can still help others but in a different way”

“I stumbled across 5E’s website whilst looking for training courses for people wanting to become Computer Maintenance and Repair Technicians. I called the number to find out more about the course and about exactly what it entailed. The lady I spoke to was very understanding and patient with the multitude of questions I was asking her. Next thing I know, I was booking the appointment and was soon to be enrolled, it was all very exciting!”

“The best thing about this course was that it was a short course; which meant more time for practical experience – for decades there has been so much emphasis on going to higher education which takes many years to do, when in reality practical hands on experience is also very important. Also, due to personal circumstances I needed to find a short course that would offer me the opportunity to go into a work apprenticeship afterwards. So, this course fitted in nicely with my plans.”

“I have found that this course has given me the motivation for me to come out of my shell and mix with others again whilst learning something that I find enjoyable and interesting. Not only was it a passion of mine but it is soon to be my profession. It is putting me in a better position to achieve my ambitions not only did this course and 5E give me a setup from where I was stuck, misjudged and labelled they helped me step back onto the right path I was meant to have taken. As an autistic person, it was so easy to fall through the gaps in society despite any past or present achievements. Especially, when we are not diagnosed at an early age. Being who I am and learning more about myself everyday I have realised that there are many ways to achieving my goals and not to get bogged down or stressed out. It has given me a new path that I can follow.”

“Now, I am hoping to get a work apprenticeship which will expand my knowledge on PC hardware and learn a little programming whilst at it. I have to see how things pan out with the Work & Study Apprenticeship 5E has offered me but I am sure it will all go well. Whilst I have only just finished the course and have not yet done a lot with my new skillset, I do intend on opening up my Desktop PC at home and will be giving it a good clean especially now that I feel more confident opening up a PC and taking the components out.”
“Whilst God always has the final say in how things manifest, detours you must take and if you will have to go in a completely different direction I would like to see myself working independently for myself, hands deep in the casings of computers; fixing, maintaining and building them.